Add Foundation form to another theme

I am wanting to create a Foundation Form for an existing Rapidweaver website/theme. How do I do this? I can’t seem to find instructions on how to go about it.


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I’m not sure that you can… Foundation Forms rely on being inside a Foundation theme. There may be ways around it but it wouldn’t be an intended use case (therefore, no available instructions)

Perhaps if I create a webpage in a new project for the form only, upload that to my site, and then embed that page in my existing theme/site. That should work.

That aside - I downloaded the free Foundation theme only, but have no idea where to go from there. Do I need to purchase anything else? I can’t find anything beyond these two pages:


Sorry, I was presuming you had an existing form that you wanted to re-use.

The Foundation theme is free but all the stacks that make up the framework - including the form stacks - need to be purchased (see here:

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Thanks for that.

Perhaps I need to take one step back…What I am essentially hoping to do is create a Form that has Captcha protection. I can’t seem to find a straighforward plugin/add-on etc.

(or anhy kind of Human Validation)

Any thoughts?


Are you using Stacks? Or the built-in Rapidweaver pages?

Yup - using the ‘Kinfolk Theme’. I purchased Stacks 3.

So for stacks, there’s a few options. I think this one is pretty well regarded and inexpensive: It has it’s own validation built-in anti-spam but I don’t know if you can do your own validation options…
Formsnap and FormsPlus are pricier but have more options

Formloom is a plugin (that comes with a stack) that has a ton of features (but also pricier)

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Thank you!

I’ll look at those. I also just found ‘Super Forms’. That might also do the trick…?

Thanks again,

There are a lot of very good form stacks that you can use in place of the built in RW one to get what you need

FormsPlus from Chillidog software
Superforms from 1little designer
Formsnap 3 from Yabdab (also Formloom 4 but it is a plugin rather than a stack)
These should work many frameworks and themes.

Foundation, Foundry, UIkit, and Platform frameworks havé form components of varying complexity (I think the Foundation one is the most advanced in terms of features offered but I don’t own Foundry or UIkit; I’m sure someone will correct me if my assumption is wrong :wink:. Platform has a basic contact form).

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My only concern with that one might be that it doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while. That’s not a negative necessarily but forms can be tricky and I’d feel more comfortable with a more recent product (at that price anyway)

Thanks folks. Sadly, I was at work for the past few hours, and went ahead with a purchase of Super Forms before seeing your replies. Wish me luck!

Thanks again from Down Under,

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