Images not showing up in Library

I have been adding images to my RW?Stacks project, some of them show up in my library window under the images tab but many do not. I’m wondering why that is? and wondering if those photos that don’t show will actually be published when that time comes? Also would like to be able to reuse them on other pages directly from the library instead of going out to the file.The only way I’ve been able to add photos in my project is to drag them from a file on my desktop, I don’t see any other way to do it. I tried adding a folder under resources with images in it, but RW/Stacks won’t allow me to add the image from there. I just can’t figure out what the process is or why the resources area even exists. I’m just really confused. Obviously I am super new to RW. Thanks in advance for any help.

Not sure what you are referring to, what library are you looking at?
Anyway might want to look at this post:

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In the RW/Stacks Library there is a column of icons down the left side starting with Stacks, then Partials, then templates, then images, etc. When I click on the images icon some of the images I’ve added to my project are there but most are not. I’m assuming if I wanted to reuse one of those images on a different page I could add it from there, right??? Why are not all images showing up there?
And if the images don’t show up there have they been put into the project so that when I push it to a server they will go with the project and be available on the website once it is published.
I am extremely new to RW and trying to figure out how it works and how to organize my website. I originally thought everything was automated but now I’m wondering if that is true.
Thanks in advance for any help.

The only thing I’ve ever seen in that stacks area are images that come delivered with individual stacks (mostly older stacks). I have never had an image that I put in, show up in that panel.

If you drag an image into a stack, it should get published without any problem. I think that is a legacy library left over from an older version of stacks(I started with version 3), Like the template library.
You can use resources, but as the post above talks about it is not drag and drop, and a lot of folks have had issues using it.
Many users have gone to managing their images themselves by exporting them to the web server and referencing the URL from within RapidWeaver(aka warehousing).
This book explains that process: