No Drag and Drop for Images

Drag and Drop Images does not Work

a. Create new Project
b. Drag and Drop assets (images, text files) into sidebar
c. add base Stacks module
d. Add RW system dual column layout
e. Add text module to one column
f. add image module to the other
g. Click on text stack: ctrl-v inserts text.
h. Try to drag and drop image into other column: RW will not permit this.
i. Open Inspector
g. Click on “Image”=>Choose=>Select image from Mac.
h. Image opens in column.
i. Click “Preview”
j. Text column appears (full-width); image does not???

I can see the image in the column in the “Edit” view, but the image then is not shown in Preview.

No theme other than Bootsnap, which is a blank page.


If you’re talking about the Resources folder as the sidebar then yes, drag and drop is not allowed. You can use 2 methods to get the image into the image stack… use resource macro -> %resource(image name.ext)% or

you can open the resource file to inspect it (basically) and copy the url to the image from there and paste it in your url to the image there (will be an absolute url inclusive of… has to be published to server to be seen in preview.



I don’t understand.
You can drag and drop an image from the desktop or an image folder.

You can also drag and drop an image in a text stack. Works perfect.

Perhaps I did not understand your problem as you’ve described it, but dragging and dropping images from the Finder into the RW resources, as well as into stacks, works perfectly on my computer…

You can drag and drop an image into the Resources folder. This makes sense since you can assemble those assets you are going to use on your web page. But you can’t drag and drop those assets; at least images, onto a stack. As @Turtle wrote, “If you’re talking about the Resources folder as the sidebar then yes, drag and drop is not allowed.”

It doesn’t make sense not to permit drag and drop from the Resources/sidebar {folder} onto Stacks. Otherwise, what’s the point of collecting assets? Sure you can drop from the Desktop, but in working on several projects at the same time you’ll soon have filing chaos. Why not use the Resources/sidebar {folder} to collect or assemble those assets you plan to use in your project??

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I understand your wish, to drag and drop an image from the resource folder.
It would be practical, but it’s not implemented in RW.

But you can insert your image in your page with this simple code.

<img src="%resource(your_image_name.jpg)%" height="auto" width="600"alt="your_text">

@Oscar Being able to drag files into the Resource folder but not being able to drag them out into a project makes no sense.



I agree. That would be a very nice feature. So you could manage the resources in RapidWeaver itself.
Contact Realmac, so this feature can be implemented in RW 7 or later. Realmac will open a thread after RW 7 is shipped.

OK, @mokane99, now I understand and I agree that this feature (dragging-and-dropping an image from the Resources onto a stack) would be a very welcomed one.

Working on a stack, where you are able to select images located in resource folders. Still not drag n drop support, but better than nothing.

How do you accomplish that? You can’t drag them from the Resources Panel onto the Inspector frame for images.
In fact, if you are not quick clicking on the image you lose focus and can’t select them at all.

You will be able to use a link selector inside the stack, and select the image from the resources folder. Nothing fancy…

Link selector? You mean this? (see screenshot). Note that it is useless and greyed out.

Just, what I have posted 9 h ago

… and you can link to a file in resources with the linkbox. But, that’s another thing.

Write a word, then you can select this word and link to a file in the resources (mouse right click), also in stacks.

There is no “Add Link” menu item on the main Rapidweaver 6 Menu.
If this is a sub-menu activated wnen the Link box is active, it doesn’t work because the link box is greyed out.

When you write a word/text in a styled page or a text stack, you can highlight this text, then right click etc. .
There is no “Add link menu”

Then a right mouse click on this.
Now you see the dialog box for links.

In stacks you can do the same.
Highlight the text, then the link is active.


No. Inside the stack settings, you will get a link selector like described by @Oscar

This will result in an image placed inside a stack.