ADD_ON Domain publishes but will not work properly

I just recently changed host to chillidog, amazing customer service by the way!

I’m having difficulty getting an additional website that is attached to my main domain to work properly. is the add-on and the main is The main site works seamlessly, & both sites are built with the foundation theme. Unfortunately I have tried republishing the additional site several times and get the same result, little or nothing on the home page, non responsive top bar with nothing else available. I tried to look @ safari web inspector, but being an amateur @ best does not shed any light. Any ideas? Thank you in advance

Looks like you have a bunch of 404’s (Not found) on a number of key files. Try republishing all files.

I’ve tried that but unfortunately I get the same result. I thought possibly it was a file issue but i’ve checked and double checked configuration of my rapid weaver publishing and FTP publishing against my cPanel?

Really can’t tell why the files aren’t getting published. Appears key CSS and JS files aren’t making it.

I would check the path in the publishing settings again. Then the host should have a file manager or you could fry an FTP application likeTransmit or Filezilla and check to see if the files are getting to the host.

Thank you, I do use transmit. Maybe I’ll contact them? I’ll check the path again, possibly a break and a fresh pair of eyes may find a clue!

Have a nice holiday weekend!

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