Plugins and Addons Not Available When Re-Located to Dropbox Folder

Great job on RW 7.

I had been working with the beta of RW 7, purchased the license for the RW 7 upgrade late last week and was tooling along nicely in a new project started from scratch in RW 7.

This morning I decided to move the Addons to my Dropbox where I created a folder for the Addons. RW appears to have copied the addons to the new folder location but when I opened my project file it was a mess. All types of stacks had appeared that I had not placed in the document.

So - I decided to start over with a new project and other problems have cropped up.
The only addons and plugins I have access to are the ones that come standard with RW 7.
All of the others are missing. They do show up in Manage Addons - but they are not accessible.

I attempted to switch back to the option for the Addons to be managed by RW - but that is now not working also.

End result - no addons, no stacks, no themes!

Very odd I have had no issues. Have you tried manually moving the folder and pointing to it in the RW7 preferences?

After a bit more research I’ve found that even though Managing Addons points to the Dropbox folder, clicking on the gear in Stacks points back to my Home folder RW7 plugins which is empty. I would guess a bad pref file.

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Were you able to fix this so you could use addons in the Dropbox? I am having this same issue. Thanks.

Make sure you’ve upgraded to Stacks 3.1 from Then toggle the addons folder back to local and restart and then back to Dropbox and restart and let us know if that affects the issue.