HELP - addons not working after moving folder in RW7

Hi. I have moved my addons to a dropbox folder - so it can be used on my two macs. When i restart RW7 the project does not find them anymore. In the addon manager I get blue boxes where my themes were and on the site the stacks I had no longer work…HELP! ( If i switch it back it all works fine - but I would really like this portability) Thanks

Hi, What happens if you go to preferences -> reveal add ons folder in finder? Which folder / path will be opened?

Hi - When i go to preference and look I see the path i changed it to - a dropbox folder. It looks as I expect it to, yet for some reason RW7 does not find them?? See the attached image for how it looks in add ons manager (purchased theme are blue outlines) and on the site pages - the purchased stacks are not working

I see some familiar stack elements. What if you create a new project, add a Stacks plugin page, and open the stack element library? Anything there you installed before the move?

Same problem here. I posted about it earlier. Solution does not work. Plugins/Stacks do not show up when clicking on the Library icon. Only the standard plugins are there.


Reveal plugins in Finder goes to the Dropbox folder as it should and not the default folder.

Nope - In a new project - none of my stacks are accessible though the library - though they look visible in the manager and strangely enough, the themes that show in blue outline above are available!

One more observation. Even if I re-install the Stacks from scratch they do not show in RW7. Only the Stacks plugin itself and the RW7 basics.

I have the same problem here… I’ve just upgraded to rapidweaver 7 and used the workaround to import my add-ons (RW7 old themes and addons). I have the same thing as manju69 describes as far as the themes are concerned. The stacks show in the add-on manager but are not available when working in a project.