Add share files - RW8

I have some problems with “File Sharing” add. I can upload document but when I run the page and press at the link I get: " The requested page coudn’t be found" and “This page could not be previewed. The page may not exist, or something went wrong.”

Hope anyone now what I do wrong.

The fils is saved on my computer.

Normally only works after publishing…

Thank you! Do you know of any better add-ons for sharing files?

The best I’ve found and use is

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@eirknu Are you currently uploading shared files to your server by FTP?

If so, then Paperless is fantastic. (As @DaveFox mentioned. )

If you don’t, or are not comfortable with FTP, then you may want to consider using 2 stacks: Paperless and Repository by @instacks. Repository can help you upload files PLUS has a very nice downloading/sharing option. Not as fancy as Paperless, but Paperless won’t help you with the uploading part.


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