Team file sharing and collaboration

Hi all,

I run a charity website and I want to add file sharing and collaboration to the site. We want to share photos, documents etc.

I’d like secure login and user groups if possible. (admin, committee members, normal member etc.)

Any suggestions to plugin/stacks that could do this? I’m using Foundation so would prefer easy integration to a Foundation page…


There is a partial list here. Lots of good feedback on Total CMS, Dropkick and Armadillo… and then there is EditsPro


Are EditsPro and Dropkick actually still working? I can’t download either. Authors unavailable. I’m also wondering if these solutions work in RW8?

@Jimbo EditsPro is by a developer who has left the RW community. I don’t know/remember what Dropkick is. But you are responding to a post made 5 years ago: a LOT has changed in that time.

I don’t know exactly what you want to accomplish but it’s very likely that the Repository stack will get you most of the way you want to go.

See here:

and here:

Thank you, Mathew. Will check it out. I’m currently looking into Armadillo.

I’m trying to allow clients access to certain areas of their site so they may have editing priviledges.

Aha, well that’s completely different. Yes, Armadillo could be great. If you have Foundry then there’s Alloy which is fantastic. And there’s Total CMS (sp??) by Joe Workman that should work with any theme or framework you use.

… and I’m forgetting Quick Edit or similar name by @yabdab. A lot of folks have liked that also. Though I don’t think it is available right now.

I have done many sites…I would never allow anyone but the owner of a site or blog to add or edit anything…you would not believe the filth people will put there…even on church sites.

and demos…

@yabdab Thanks for adding this. Couldn’t remember the name this morning.

@Jimbo Several folks have also liked Go CMS. Put simply … there’s a lot of options out there but for collaborative or non-developer content additions. And Repository is great simply for sharing files (not editing content on the website)

Quick Editor is another one that seems to works well:

And don’t forget WeYeb:

Many thanks, folks. Will check them all out.

Isn’t Armadillo just for blogging?

Armadillo has what’s called solo content in addition to the blog.

It’s a separate stack that you can place on the page and then update the content that’s displayed through the Armadillo interface.

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