Adding a Button to the Banner on Tesla Pro

I am currently using the Tesla Pro theme on a RapidWeaver Project and am really enjoying the theme. I have received a request to add a Call to Action button to the banner on the home page.

Is there a way to do this in the Tesla Pro Theme or is there a Theme that is similar that I can use?

Any theme that I used, needs to have the menu under the banner and needs to look similar to Tesla Pro as I am not ready to re-design the webpage from scratch at this point.



Something like this?Obviously I’ve not positioned it very carefully!


Yep, that is what I want. Of course with a little more elegance in the final product.

How did you do that? I have the flat button stack (which looks like you used) and I just bought Orbit. I just don’t know how to put it together `on my site. Help.

– jenn

I used Joe Workman’s Target stack to place the button in the banner area. It’s a neat little utility stack which lets you position other stacks (like the Flat Button stack) in places on your site that might be hard to get to otherwise.