Adding a caption to floated images

(Dave Candage) #1

Is there a way (short of hand coding) to add a caption to a float stack (Stacks 3)? I am using the float stack that comes with Stacks 3. The goal is to use the floated image as a link to launch a lightbox. I’ve got that part down, but I need a way to make it obvious that the image should be clicked on to open the larger version.

And, as I’m thinking about it, what I really need is a way to to use multiple floats (inline images) that can be clicked on. The float stack only allows for one floated image.


(Dave Candage) #2

I searched and figured (part of) it out. Apparently, you can just drag a text/header stack under the floated image and add your caption. That was too easy. Still need to figure out how to add multiple floats and captions, so still need help.

(Dave Candage) #3

Well, never mind. I was thinking about having multiple images dispersed throughout the articles that could be clicked on, but that can be 10 or more images and I think it can get sloppy inline with the text. I’ll probably stick with one main image in the text that can be clicked on with a lightbox and put the rest in a gallery of some sort.

However, if someone has a better idea, feel free to post it here. I’n sure others can benefit from the info.


(Ian Sinclair) #4

That doesn’t work for me. Has something changed with Stacks?

(Rob Beattie) #5

I realise this is quite old now, but the SmartFloat stack might work for you.