Combining text and an image

(Gordon McDonald) #1

I note a few entries here on combining text and images but none seem to mention the base stack. Only a “floating” image is mentioned.
I’ve not started the task yet as I don’t know how.
Should I start with a paragraph or what please.


(Gordon McDonald) #2

Just found a superb stack for this job.
It does all I need and more. If you need to mix images and text give it a try.

(Peter Danckwerts) #3

You should look at the Paragraph Pro stack from Big White Duck. It supports floating images, drop caps and more.

(Gordon McDonald) #4

My thanks Peter.
I have paragraph pro but didn’t think to look at it for this purpose.
I’m a newbie and pleading enforced ignorance.
Will look further into it but am very pleased with Smartfloat.
Might mean a combination of the two as time goes on.

Thank you again

(Rob Beattie) #5

The ‘trouble’ with Paragraph Pro is that it does so much it’s easy to forget a feature here and a feature there. Look, it’s just made me a cup of tea…

(Gordon McDonald) #6

How about coffee - It can’t be THAT perfect!

(Rob Beattie) #7

If you look in the Settings there’s an option to turn coffee off. I always put a tick there.

(Gordon McDonald) #8

In fairness Rob I really do like Paragraph Pro but it tripped me up a couple of times recently.
I’m really in to Font Pro and for some things the basic Foundation Paragraph stack lends itself more to that issue.
As recorded, I’m a newbie and getting on in years but always willing to learn.

Thanks for the laughs.

(jim larsen) #9

I used Paragraph Plus inside a Target stack to place text on top of an image.

(Gordon McDonald) #10

Hi Jim
Can you expand on this please as I’ve never used Target and not sure of its purpose.

Many thanks

(Gordon McDonald) #11

Just had another go with Target and it made sense.
I resolved the original problem but have a use for this now.
Can also see a number of possibilities for the future.

My thanks again