Combining text and an image

I note a few entries here on combining text and images but none seem to mention the base stack. Only a “floating” image is mentioned.
I’ve not started the task yet as I don’t know how.
Should I start with a paragraph or what please.


Just found a superb stack for this job.
It does all I need and more. If you need to mix images and text give it a try.

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You should look at the Paragraph Pro stack from Big White Duck. It supports floating images, drop caps and more.

My thanks Peter.
I have paragraph pro but didn’t think to look at it for this purpose.
I’m a newbie and pleading enforced ignorance.
Will look further into it but am very pleased with Smartfloat.
Might mean a combination of the two as time goes on.

Thank you again

The ‘trouble’ with Paragraph Pro is that it does so much it’s easy to forget a feature here and a feature there. Look, it’s just made me a cup of tea…

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How about coffee - It can’t be THAT perfect!

If you look in the Settings there’s an option to turn coffee off. I always put a tick there.

In fairness Rob I really do like Paragraph Pro but it tripped me up a couple of times recently.
I’m really in to Font Pro and for some things the basic Foundation Paragraph stack lends itself more to that issue.
As recorded, I’m a newbie and getting on in years but always willing to learn.

Thanks for the laughs.

I used Paragraph Plus inside a Target stack to place text on top of an image.

Hi Jim
Can you expand on this please as I’ve never used Target and not sure of its purpose.

Many thanks

Just had another go with Target and it made sense.
I resolved the original problem but have a use for this now.
Can also see a number of possibilities for the future.

My thanks again