Adding a header in the middle of a Poster 2 blog

I’m trying to add a header in the middle of a Poster 2 blog page with flexbox columns layout. I tried adding a text stack but because there are 2 columns, it just put it into one of the columns. Also moves around with the dates of the posts.

I’m essentially trying to create 2 blog segments. The first are pinned blog entries in a specific order, and I’d like that to be one column. the second is a standard blog with 2 columns. So this is the format I’m trying to achieve:

Text stack (intro)
Blog 1 with one column and fixed order (not descending by date)
Blog 2 standard flexbox blog with 2 columns, depending by date default

Is there anyone who knows how to do this? I tried adding 2 Poster 2 stacks to the same page between the headers, which hypothetically would work perfectly, but it didn’t work. One didn’t show up if I remember correctly.

Thank you!

You are unfortunately not able to add any other content between blog posts. In addition you’re only able to add one Poster Stack per page.

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What about some fancy CSS that would allow me to do this? Nothing? It could be the same Poster stack, I just need to add a header in the middle.

Thank you!

Don’t call what you are putting above the blog a “a blog”.
You can just post blog permalinks in that area.
Hmm, I tried that with an iframe and it doesn’t quite work after all, and it’s ugly.
Sorry :wink:

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Demo 7 in this example project adds some non-Poster content in amongst the Poster list items. It needs the Grid Plus stack from Source to do this though. And I think it would only really work in your example if all of your posts were on a single page (as this added content would appear on each Poster page). Still, may be of interest…


oh cool, the links on that page weren’t working a week ago or so when I bought
Poster 2. Nice variations. I miss the “appearing from the void as you scroll” effect of the plain Poster stack though, and I think I’ll need pages as I’m going to wind up with a number of blog posts.

if there’s really no way to do it, I could make the first blog section all text and just make it look like a blog. That unforunately means a lot of scrolling through a lot of text though which is why l like Poster 2 over the RW blog. The summary view and “click to read more”. And the scrolling effects.

Can you add the ability to put 2 Poster stacks on one page in an update? Or maybe that’s more complicated than I think due to the blog archive or RSS or other factors.

Exactly as you say, everything like pagination and your examples would not work, so 2 Poster Stacks on one page will not be doable.

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Thanks for the reply,
There’s got to be a workaround. I just have 5 blog posts in the first section of the blog. Like I said, as a last resort, I could write them up as text and just mimic a blog with a date header at the top.

Is there a stack that could replicate the “summary” text, then a “read more” link that shows the rest? Like a collapsable text stack. Accordion wouldn’t work because I need summary text, not just a title.

You can use the stack from big white duck for a kind of summary:

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The toggle stack from S4S can also be used to hide/unhide complete stack arrangements, if more than just text needs to appear.

This stack is free, and there is also a more advanced version to buy.
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Ooh good I’ll try the toggle stack. I think paragraph pro is outdated and buggy on RW8 it’s doing all kinds of weird things like not fading out the truncated text despite having that option checked, adding big gaps in the page before the “show less” link to shrink the text back, not showing all of the text when “show more” is clicked but cutting off the end, and also not having any way to add the “show more” button when you first drag and drop in the stack. There’s no plus button to add it. I had to drag the stack from the demo project over to my project and then copy it to repeat it in my project. Ahhh.

I could very easily be doing something completely wrong though.

Thanks for the tip!

The toggle stack had a list of similar stacks made by the excellent stacks4stacks, one of which was a free stack called “read more” which is basically just a way better coded and updated version of ParagraphPro. Seems to be working great so far.

Read more stack:

I’m also considering their Switcher stack just for my first blog section. The upside is that it saves a lot of space and equals less scrolling, but the downside is viewers don’t get to see the images that go with each post.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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