Adding a rapidweaver page to an existing wordpress site

Hi folks. A hotel that has a current wordpress website has asked me to do a separate landing page for their ggogle adwords campaign. Need to know how to add the page on the website’s server and any other tips would be appreciated.

If you have the FTP credentials then you should be able to upload the new page just like you would any other project. Just make sure that the publishing destination is set to it’s own sub-directory and not the root directory of the site. i.e. publish to “” not “” and use “” for all of the RW project settings.

Thank you very much. Helpful information!

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How do I add an existing FrontPage site to RW? I want to edit this site using rapid weaver. However, there is no “open remote site” setting, so I’m not sure how to do this. I’ve seen your advice above and am trying to figure out how it applies to what I want to do??? Any advice?

You will have to manually port the HTML, CSS, and JS files into RapidWeaver.
If you provide the url to your site then I can provide you with specific instructions.

:grinning: You’re welcome. Feel free to give a shout out if you run into any snags.

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Are you using Stacks?

Also, what was the site ourigionaly built with?

Here’s the problem…I made this page using FrontPage. I have no idea what stacks are. I guess there is no simple way of doing this. I thought I could just download RW and edit my page by opening my remote site. That’s what the Web coordinator at Ednet told me to do??? So I guess I’m a bit baffled by it all. Sorry for bothering you, but I think this would require more than I am capable of…

Unfortunatly, you are correct. At this point in time there is no simple way of doing this. It would make a great RapidWeaver feature, but would be pretty compley to impliment.

The most straight forward way to edit your page would be to use an FTP client like Tansmit or Cyberduck to access the files on your server. You can then edit the files using either of those programs or by opwning it in an editor like TextWrangler.

If you want to move over to RapidWeaver, which is a great tool, then I would recomend starting with getting Stacks 3, Foundation, and the stacks made by Big White Duck.

It will take some time, but you will be able rebuild your site without knowing coding languages.

Thank you so much Brandon!! That is excellent advice. Since I downloaded and paid for RW I will likely make another site using it, and I will watch all the videos to help me. I actually looks like I could make a great author site. But I think I will use Cyberduck to edit my educational site. I hope it will work. But thank you for your ideas. Sweet of you to help me. Good luck in life!!!

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