Adding Adobe Behance Photo Projects to RapidWeaver

Adobe Behance is a great way to share you professional photo projects. It is free to use (even still developed by Adobe ;-)), but also deeply integrated with Adobe Lightroom and the other CC applications.

Gallery Stack 3.3 allows you to integrate Behance Projects into RapidWeaver Stacks pages.

Demo: This Behance project displays seamlessly inside the RW page:

Thanks @NickWB for bringing this feature request to me and testing the new functionality :slight_smile: :beers:

N.B.: This update brings you also iCloud Photo Album integration, a new Masonry grid, Materialize Grid for @yuzool Designed Theme, and an additional new lighbox component :rocket:

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@instacks is too modest; let me explain and tell the story a little…

Like many people, I use Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). It comes with 20Gb of storage that can be used to share files with colleagues and clients. It also come with two ways of showing off your work, Behance and Portfolio.

Behance is aimed at showing off your project to creative colleagues, a kind of creative Facebook. Adobe Portfolio is very much a website package, sophisticated but simple. Now the key thing about Adobe is that they have an increasingly powerful set of web processing tools for images that are designed for resizing and presenting images at their best, so Behance can frequently make images look far better than they appear on a normal responsive website. I have recently added a few projects to Behance and they are mirrored to Portfolio too.

Cue email to Jannis @instacks “Is there any way of displaying images from Behance or Portfolio in RapidWeaver Stacks?”

As many of you know, Jannis likes a challenge, so 24 hours later, he sent me a link to try a modified Gallery 3 plugin.This was the result: Behance test page - a set of images shot around the recent Wildlife Photography and Lightroom workshops that I have been running in Scotland with a friend.

Amazing work @instacks !

The page styling has not been modified from my normal Gallery 3.3 setup - there are plenty more styling options to chose from

Compare the detail of images shown on the Behance page with the same ones shown on the regular wildlife page of my website.

Moving forward, one of the other things I hope we may see in RapidWeaver shortly is the ability to bring something like this to a home page: Adobe Portfolio project page - a beautifully simple way to show off lots of projects, very elegantly. with a click through to a gallery and text.

Feel free to ask any questions, the Adobe Behance integration is a v1.0 product, but it looks great!


Thanks Nick :grinning: I was really impressed about Behance and how easy it is to create projects with it. And - as always - your shots look great!


How did you build that slide out menu Nick?


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I was waiting for Andrew Tavernor’s new menu and this was supposed to be an interim - The excellent Side Menu from @1LittleDesigner Works very well, with plenty of good config options. The only thing that I would mention is that I suffered a dramatic slowdown in export “Waiting for Stacks plugin to export files” - a very slow process now.

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Thanks. Looks very slick.

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