Image Gallery and integrated cart Stack


I am looking for a good image gallery/portfolio stack for displaying photos and would like to include an Add to cart button for each image in the portfolio.
I have investigated various eCommerce stacks ( RCPro4 and stack version; Cat; Paysnap) and it looks as though I have to re-add the images in eCommerce stack again.
Trying to achieve a better integration so when viewers see a photograph they can add to cart straight away rather than have to re-navigate to the “Shop” section of the website and find the photo again.


A couple of suggestions that might fit the bill.

View 2 from Yuzool -

LightPage from Nick Cates -

used in conjunction with Cart from Yuzool -


Thank Rob. I will have a look at these.


RapidCart Pro Advanced supports automatic digital delivery thru Amazon S3 for your photos.

Just create your products in RapidCart Pro and add a “Add to Cart” button in your Stacks pages.