Gallery3, Adobe Behance and a quick story

Many of you know I’m a photographer and film-maker who enjoys doing websites with RW. I normally work with architecture, interiors, products and wildlife, not weddings!

I’m fortunate to have a lovely office and studio at a lovely country house, in Somerset UK. It is also a wedding venue.

Yesterday, 1 hour before a wedding, the bride got a call from ‘her’ photographer saying he could not find her house. He was in Cornwall. This is 2+ hours from the wedding!

The event manager on duty asked me if I could help - here are the results :wink:

The relevance to this is @instacks brilliant Gallery3 plugin that allows images hosted on Adobe Behance to be imported directly into a Gallery3 page in RW. But why you say?

Behance has a wonderful sharpening / scaling algorithm that works particularly well for responsive sites (and all the views today have been on Phones and tablets) - I cannot match the quality, even if I put 3 separately sized / sharpened versions of the image up for different devices, and it effectively disables image downloads.


And if you are a Lightroom user, Gallery Stack imports the Title and Caption, a real time saver.


Agree, it is really useful. Sadly that information is not available in Behance, so cannot be ‘passed through’