Adding an application form as a Styled Text sub-page to Contact

There were two screen grabs originally attached, but as a new user I am restricted to one. The deleted grab showed the Form in the Styled Text page under Edit. The survivor shows part of the screen after clicking on the link to the Form displayed in Preview. Is this what really happens if I publish? Am I using the correct method?

unfortunately, the screen shot above doesn’t give much to go on. Not sure how you are getting to this page from the contact form.
If you select the styled texted (under the contact form) in edit then select preview, does this happen? Or only when you click on a link?

Hi Doug, I’m using the Voyager theme. In the Preview page I have our banner, and below that there is a link, not the Form - as: LLPS C Membership form 2017; which is underscored. The result of clicking that link shows the page as sampled in the grab. I have not published, as I am in doubt as whether or not that happens in reality.

What is on the styled text page? Was it pasted from some other source like a word processor?

It is the current membership form that was sent to me as an email attachment, that I have dragged and dropped (via the desktop).

That would probably be the problem. Styled text pages (or stacks that are styled text) need plain text or supported image types.
Is it something you can open?
If you can open it and copy the text from the source then paste as plan text `` Opt+cmd+v.
If you can’t open it or copy the text then you will need to figure out what format it is.

Thank you Doug,
It’s a formatted form, and does not paste as plain text. I suppose that trawling through the stacks may reveal something that could do the job… Perhaps!

Yes, there should be a way that you could find to display it. It would be helpful if you know what kind of file it is. Does it have a suffix on the file name like PDF or DOC? What program opens if you double click on it?

Knowing the type of file will help in finding a way to handle it.

It’s a simple .pdf file; and from the desktop a double click opens preview.

Do you want the visitors to open and view it online or download it?

The idea is for the visitor to download, fill-in and forward by snail mail to the membership secretary.

The easiest way would probably be to zip the file first. You could then place the zip file on your server and create a link to it. Zip files should auto download.
You can drag it into your resource folder and change the link to point to that resource.

There are a number of stacks that can do this as well.
If want do a search on this form for PDFs and you’ll find a number of postings.


Thank you so much Doug. For a few years we’ve used a host in the USA, and this problem did not arise. It’s a steep learning curve! My best regards to you.

Happy to help. If you run into something else just post it.