Is it possible to open resources PDF from within Styled Text Page, please?


Very infrequent user, no idea what I’m doing, TIA.

Trying to add link to open password protected PDF, which I have in resources. Or at least offer user to try and open. Styled text page as well, sorry!

Tried these.

JUST ADDED, on 23rd April, Actual PDF

!Open My thoughts on God.

!Open My thoughts on God

Open My thoughts on God

Open My thoughts on God

Any advice please?



Don’t know about the password protected bit but it should be easy enough.

  1. Add a Styled Text page
  2. Drag your PDF into the Resources section in the left hand column
  3. Type in your text - Open my thoughts on God
  4. Highlight ‘my thoughts on God’
  5. See the toolbar at the bottom? Click the first button - Add link
  6. When the dialogue box opens, open the drop down list where it says URL and choose Resource, then the name of the PDF.
  7. Click Set Link
  8. Save and publish.

That should do it.


Thanks Rob. So simple. Buttons I never noticed!!

Finished (perhaps polish)

In gratitude,


OzSanta’s History

Glad it worked for you.


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