PHP pages won't publish!

Hi everyone and thank you in advance for helping me with this! I just created a new and lovely website for our nonprofit. It looked GREAT when I did the “simulate”, but now that I have published it- none of my form pages are loading! They are just white pages! HELP! We are a nonprofit and these pages are very important!

The website is - it was created using RW 8, the Aspen theme and the problematic form pages were created using Foundry and the Form Pro Stack. I will attach screenshots of one of the RW pages. What have I done wrong? You can see by visiting the published site that the pages “Newsletter”, “Contact” and “Volunteer” never load- they are just white pages of nothingness.

Here are the settings on the “Newsletter” page:

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Foundry stacks including Form Pro stack, can only be used with the Foundry theme, not Aspen.

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ooooo… so I should rebuild the pages? I was hoping to keep the site pages consistent… I do have the Foundry control center at the top of each page in the entire website… and used the Foundry stack “Bulleted List” and “Rainbow Bar” successfully on other pages (ex: The Plan | Vincent's Place Sanctuary ) without issue… is it just a form issue? :thinking:

Foundry stacks should only be used with the Foundry theme. The fact that you are able to use some of the Foundry stacks on the Aspen theme without error is just luck.

You should either rebuild the site with Foundry (that would be my choice) or remove all Foundry stacks from the page and replace them with non-framework stacks.

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:frowning: noooo… I spent so long building that :sob:

I would rather just replace the non functioning pages, which all happen to be the 3 .php pages. I don’t have a clue how to make them look cohesive with the rest of the site, but I am the founder of the nonprofit, the fundraiser, bookkeeper, contract meeting maker, social media person, volunteer vetter, policy writer, grant searcher, procedure implementer, email answerer, website designer, grant writer, PR person, etc. I just don’t have the time to recreate the entire site. :pensive: I am wearing a lot of hats right now.

I am not even sure how to create new form pages that would look like the rest of the site using Foundry… any advice? I’m so bummed :pleading_face:

@teefers is right. It’s just a fluke that your Foundry stacks are working on the other Aspen pages. Mixing two ‘themes’ is asking for trouble, I’m afraid.

I don’t have Aspen but it looks as though that’s what you’ve used to build the site, rather than using any of Foundry’s navigation etc.

First thing I would do is to create a new page called Newslettertest and make sure you select the built in Contact Form page type.
Then in General Settings, untick ‘Show in navigation’ and set the folder name to form test (or whatever you like realy.
Publish the site.
You should now have a new contact page that’s not included in the menu (so no visitors can see it). Navigate to that page by typing in the URL in the address bar (in my example it’ll be Press Return.
If the page loads and you can see the form you can now go ahead and customise using the Contact Form page type settings, include the email address the form needs to go to etc.
Publish again.
Test the form and see if it works.
If it does, you can replace your three ‘missing’ pages with similar forms using the Contact Form page type.

One caveat, I don’t know how complicated the other forms or what fields they include, but if they’re all as simple as the Newsletter one, this should be a quick fix.
Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 20.42.34

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Thank you. The newsletter and contact ones are pretty straightforward. The volunteer one, however, is pretty detailed.

I wouldn’t use the built-in contact form myself. It’s pretty primitive In options.

If you want to stay with Aspen then I’d probably look at another form stack.

Probably the most flexible would be FormSnap but a little expensive

SuperForm is another pretty flexible one, less flexible but less expensive.

Either way, you really need to remove all the Foundry stiff and replace it with non-Foundry stacks unless you are going to use the Foundry theme. Just because it’s a fluke that it appears to work now, doesn’t mean that it would work later or on all browsers.

You could add the Foundry Navigation to the form pages and then change the theme for just those pages to Foundry. Of course, it wouldn’t look the same as the rest of the site, but it’s a form that people are filling out, so look and feel might not matter that much for those pages.


Thank you! I really appreciate your input. I’ll give that a try. Only the volunteer application needs something less primitive. :pray: Thank you

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