No footer available in edit mode on Styled text page

I am running Big Sur with RW 8.7.
I cannot add links, style text, or anything. And this is the HOME PAGE.

This is mission critical!

I tried creating a new styled text page - as soon as I flow the text in, the footer disappears in exactly the same way.

I am NOT using Stacks or any of the other addons (I resent being asked to buy extras to make a software package work properly).

Hi Mark,

can you describe exactly what you’re doing and the point at which it goes wrong in a simple, step-by-step fashion so we can help you?



I found a workaround- by creating a new Styled text page, and copying across the text paragraph by paragraph, and then styling and adding links one by one, checking each time that the page footer remained.

I then deleted the original hime page and renamed the copy to get the page I wanted.

I wish I knew what made the fotter disappear in the first place - I suspect it was a link to a Jpeg in the resource file, but I managed to get that to work so maybe it is an intermittent fault - which makes it hell to reproduce and therefore trace.

Be aware however that there is an issue here, and i may not be alone in encountering this!


(Attachment PastedGraphic-3.tiff is missing)

How did you “flow the text in”? If you pasted in the text from another application, you will want to use RW’s Paste as Pain Text command from the Edit menu when you paste it. If you don’t, you’ll be pasting a lot of hidden formatting from the other app;ication and there’s all sorts of strange things that could happen.

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