Adding audio files

Good Morning,
I want to add MP3 files to a memorial page. I have converted the sample file from m4a to MP3 and placed it in the resources file. When I add the file to a Master Style sheet it just shows up as a question mark icon and doesn’t play. Any suggestions?

You need some sort of player…stacks is the way to go.

Thanks Joe. I recently purchased Stacks so I will give it a go.

try this:

Here is a sample…just link items to the files.

Here is is working:

@PaulHuard Stacks4Stacks makes several good audio stacks. Inline is one of them, but for a complete list of audio-friendly stacks check out:

Depending on exactly how you want to display things one of the alternatives may be a better match for you. Or not.

Keep in mind that you can “demo” any of Stacks4Stacks options. Download, try it out, if one fits then pay for it.

I don’t know how many (or if all) of these stacks work with audio as a resource within a RW project. I always upload my audio files to my server and then use a link. Perhaps they all work well as resources, I’m just not sure.

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