Player from Stacks4Stacks will not play my audio files

(Mike Steinel) #1

I have followed the directions in the tutorial, but audio will not play.

(Brad Halstead) #2


Version of RapidWeaver?
Version of Stacks?
What format for the audio file are you using (MP3, M4A, etc)?

Sharing a URL would be helpful for troubleshooting…


(Mike Steinel) #3

Using Rapid Weaver 6, Stacks 3, and Player from Stacks4Stacks (not sure which version).
Wanting to play MP3 audio and MP4 video
I have yet to publish the site but the URL is

(Brad Halstead) #4


Mike, open the stacks Library, at the bottom, choose Update and update your stacks as a first step

I don’t have the stack to demo for you, but the page from @willwood offers a video tutorial, step by step instructions & troubleshooting tips…

Not 100% clear if it plays in preview mode without having a local server such as MAMP running…


(Mike Steinel) #5

This is very helpful. Can I run the MP3s and MP4s from my site (through resources)? I will need to do some research into MAMP.

(Brad Halstead) #6


I just watched some of the video… it should play in preview mode without MAMP.

As for resources you would have to use the resource macro %resource(filename.ext)% but not all stacks support that… you would have to try it as I don’t have the stack to tell you yes or no one way or the other sorry…