Adding CMS CORE to Affinity theme disrupts menu

For a website i used the Michael David Design ‘Affinity’ theme.
All worked fine for years.
After i was asked to add a simple CMS … Easy CMS from Joe Workman i got a little bug what i cannot get solved.

When i add the CMS CORE on the page, the submenu gets disrupted, a small space is added between the dropdown menu and submenu. Than you cannot reach the page choices in the submenu anymore, when you move your mouse pointer between the both menu parts, the menu will disappear.

How… or even … is this solvable?

thanks in advance

That’s one for @joeworkman. He’ll sort you out. I’d add Michael David, but I don’t think he’s on this forum.


Got a URL to look at?

Hi @joeworkman,
Thank for the super fast reply again.


not all pages on this website make use of the Easy-CMS.
But the page HOME does.
When you from HOME want to choose “Relatos de Partos” in the dropdown menu you will notice a space between the dropdown menu and the sub-menu.
This space only exists when the CMS CORE is used.

Thanks in advance

Hi @joeworkman,
Did you have had time to look at this issue?



Here is a CSS fix.


It works!!

Thanks @joeworkman.

I just can bow for you and your team, what a service!




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