Adding code AFTER closing HTML Tag

Does anyone know if it is possible to add code AFTER the closing HTML tag on a page?

Working on branding some custom ColdFusion pages for a client.

Which use case is there to add content after the closing html tag? Which kind of code do you want to add there?

That is very uncommon to add code after the closing tag… what is it for?

I am working with another company that is building a web app in ColdFusion. I am wrapping the project in a RapidWeaver Design.

I did a bit of a hack but it worked… I simply added an additional and then the code to the body tag area in RapidWeaver… essentially making the ones RW generates redundant.

Here is a simple sample…

<!---<cfdump var="#Form#">--->
<cfdump var="#FireDetails#">
<!------><cfdump var="#GetFireEvents#">

Hi Joe

I was going to start another thread related to this. I wanted to pick your brain on applying Foundation formatting to CFML tags and content so I can make everything match.

So here is my scenario… All the dynamic ColdFusion content has already been created in a bare bones HTML format. I am now creating a Foundation based web design where I put the developers code all in the proper places in RapidWeaver. The main chunk of HTML just gets put into an HTML stack within the design, but I want those HTML elements look the same as if they were added with Foundation.

I have tried viewing the source code and then manually copy and pasting the generating code to the CFML elements with some success but I am wondering if I am barking up the wrong tree. Is this even possible?

Is anyone else doing anything else like this?

You can see where I have started here…

Seem logical to me. Although I know nothing about CFML. So I don’t know to what extent you need to modify things to get them to work in Foundation.

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