Adding image in TotalCMS preview mode

I have a Totalcms image stack on an admin page, I cannot add an image to it in Rapidweaver preview mode but I can on the published site. Is this correct behaviour or is something wrong in my Rapidweaver preview mode setup?

If I understand things correctly this behavior is correct. One can not add an image to the cms from within rapidweaver via preview. One can only add images via a published page. If you add an image (or any other content via cms) to your published page it will show up within rapidweavers preview but you can not add images (or other content) from within RW. Hope that helps.

Ok thanks, but you can add text in RW preview and it adds/uploads correctly… thanks again.

Hmmm I didn’t know that (thanks). I may be mistaken with my insight. Let’s see what others have to say.

This is correcvt, you can add text because it doesn’t require server side processing Images do (Thumb nails are created etc.)

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Thanks Scott for clarifying.

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