Total CMS Gallery with Text? [SOLVED]

Hi there.

I have friend who wants to be able to upload pictures of his art to his site.

I am currently building this site using Total CMS

I can get the images to upload and all is well.

Now he thinks he would like to be able to add text either beneath or above the image.

Is this possible with Total CMS? I currently see no options when I click the “i” on the “Gallery” stack I am using with Total CMS

He does not have strong computer skills - so would like to make this as painless as possible.



You can use the Total CMS Gallery stack and after uploading you can hover over the square image thumbnail. There is a tag icon where you can add text. This text will be shown in a Total CMS gallery.

There it is - not sure why I didn’t see that before.

Thanks jochenabitz

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