Adding option to the footer in Tesla

New to RW still in the process of learning and not really good at html. Using the Tesla Theme I would like to expand the footer with:

  • text explaining which phone number to call when interested
  • the phone number to call, in such a way that when reading the site on an iPhone you can just touch the number to make the call
  • and I would like the ‘Links’ page not to appear in the main menu, but in the footer. I am using links to optimize the presence of my site in Google, so I don’t want 'Links" to be a very visible menu item, but just visible enough for Google, therefore in the footer.
    Is this all possible? And if so, what should I do to make it all work?
    Looking forward to your help.

Phone number in the footer with this code.

<a href="tel:440123456789"><span class="fa fa-mobile fa-2x"></span> Phone</a>

or this code

<a href="tel:+492331555555">Your text or phone number</a>

At the same place, > settings, > general, > footer, this code to the link page. Disable the Link Page in the navigation.

<a href="">Links</a>

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Or use this

<a href="%base_url%folder_name/--------.html">Links</a>


<a href="">Links</a

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Thanks Oscar! It all works perfect now! Steven