Footer Help Anyone?

Hi all. I’m trying to figure out the problem with the footer I created. I’m a total noob and tried to figure out some coding (which seems to work in the footer section of the general settings). I’m using RW7. The problem is that the badges don’t line up. The Google Play badge is around 5 pix higher than the iTunes badge for downloading the app. Any advice appreciated. Here’s what I have:
Get it on Google Play
© 2016 Discovery Pediatrics, inc. | 27420 Tourney Rd. #150 | Valencia, CA 91355 | Phone: 661-259-8999

Thanks one and all!

sorry, the forum reads the html. here it is with quotes around it so hopefully it won’t get read:
" Get it on Google Play
© 2016 Discovery Pediatrics, inc. | 27420 Tourney Rd. #150 | Valencia, CA 91355 | Phone: 661-259-8999"

that didn’t work. I told you I’m a noob. Don’t know how to post the html without it getting read!
Trying again:

Here’s the html I put in header (it’s as an image)

actual page:

The image of the Google Play link is actually 646x250 - i.e. bigger than the actual button. If you can remove the outer ‘white space’ round the button you’ll find it easier to line them up.


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Thanks for the suggestion but do you know how I can do that within the header field? Do you know how I should change the html?

You need to change the size of the actual image you’re pointing to in the HTML, surely? If that’s not your image to edit (as it were) then I’m not sure how you’d change the HTML.

If it were me, I’d use a graphics program to edit the two buttons so they were the same size (or if one is only accessible via HTML, then I’d use the graphics program to re-size the other one to match). Then upload them to my server and use the HTML in the footer to point to them.

I’m not sure what you mean by the header field? This is a footer, no?


As Rob says - you need to resize the Google play image and to do this you’d be looking to make it 40px high like this:

You should be able to right click & download this one from the forum and substitute it - hopefully that will resolve you problem after you’ve linked to it.

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Yes. It’s a footer. Thanks. If I load it as a “resource” in RW, can I refer to it in the HTML code used for the footer? Alternatively, where can I put the re-sized badge(s) so I can then refer to them in the HTML?

I’m having trouble. I don’t know where to put the image in order for the html in the footer code to point to it. (I’m not even sure how to write the HTML for that to happen). I tried creating a page with formatted text to look like what I want the footer to look like with the right size images and copied the HTML that page generated (viewed the source of the previewed page) and only copied the body portion of the page. I then pasted that HTML into the footer text field on the general settings page. Unfortunately, the images show up as question marks. Any help appreciated.