I'm not a robot Captcha Test

I’m looking into what my options are for a contact form on an upcoming site. I’d like to use a Captcha test “I’m not a robot”. Any suggestions?

Foundation forms have recaptcha.

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Not really relevant but I hate recpatcha so much. When Google redid it, it was so much better. Then they made it horrible and annoying again.

I’d recommend just doing some sort of human test. Foundation forms do that as well.


Foormloom 4 also offers reCaptcha (Google) as well as a simpler Captcha function.

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I hate it as well, but a client wants to have a “check the box” I’m not a robot test.

Do you know if the have the check box for “I’m not a robot”? I still have FormLoom 3 which has recaptcha, but has “enter the text you see here”. The client is pretty set on what she wants.

I Beleive the “Captcha”(standard) one uses the text. The Google reCaptcha v.3 is also supported. I honestly haven’t used it as I also find the new version 3 a Pain in the a**.

From Formloom 4 doc:

  • Captcha A more contemporary human challenge test, an alternate to reCaptcha.

Google reCaptcha v.3
reCAPTCHA protects you against spam and other types of automated abuse. Formloom uses the invisible v.3 to make things MUCH easier on your site visitors. To create your required credentials, visit https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin#list and register a new site using reCaptcha 3 as the type.

@yabdab could probably give you more info.

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Joe. No doubt you are about to come out with a human test form video? I really like to buy stuff from developers who make ho to videos about their apps.

Thx M

I am pretty sure that I review this in the Getting Started video series for Foundation.,

Setup the text input like this…


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OK, I probably remember that from the Foundation video, thx.

How about pi skins? Like what they have on music software.


@teefers Thank you. This answered my question. I have avoided reCaptcha like the plague because I hate using it. From your link, I was able to go here: https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/versions and should be able to set everything up correct with FormLoom 4.

reCaptcha version 3 makes things super easy for those filling out the form, because they are not required to do a thing.

It is also real simple to setup in Formloom 4, just enter your credentials from Google… that is it.

I am confused as to why @teefers thinks it is a “Pain in the a**” ? :man_shrugging:

I check a “I’m not a robot” box and then get presented with a group of tiny pictures that I have to select what pictures contain certain things (i .e. Traffic lights or automobiles). If you should happen to make a mistake then you get another group of pictures and start all over.
Sometimes I don’t get the pictures but most of the time I do, I think it’s based on google’s tracking an individuals activity.
You also need to consider customers privacy, you just told google your customers IP address even if they got to your site without google. I would guess you should have that disclosure information in your privacy page at minimum.

Most usability studies show the less you make a prospective customer do on a form the more likely they’ll submit your form. If I get a bunch of pictures from reCaptcha, unless I really need or want to complete the form I move on to another site.

@teefers what you describe is NOT reCaptcha v.3 … what Formloom 4 uses.

“If I get a bunch of pictures from reCaptcha, unless I really need or want to complete the form I move on to another site.”

I agree. To complete what I regard as a ‘silly test’ involving thumbnail pictures/images I am obliged to use a magnifying glass! (Why should I have to increase my preferred zoom level?) And just when I think it can’t get any worse, up pops yet another set of images: how many vehicles, how many signs, how many traffic lights. etc, etc. Unless it’s a site that I have no choice but to use - for example UK’s Royal Mail recorded delivery tracking - I am inclined to avoid any organisation/ business that in my view is so frightened of the outside world that it puts up defence to ward off visitors.

If you really must have I’m not a robot box then can’t you just have a box that requires one tick?

Any ideas on the issue here? I’m watching the site jumping up and down in Firefox and Safari. We’re using FormLoom 4 on Network Solutions with php7.

Here’s the comment and screenshot from my client.

"I’m always on chrome, I’ve looked at it on other browers and it’s doing the same thing. http://www.nightwatchprotection.com
Here’s two screenshots. One is how the form looks, the other is the formloom updated loop from the dev console.
I have cleared all my caches and cookies and it’s still happening for me.
Not sure what else I can tell you, but it is happening across all my browsers and systems…even at home.

Can you have a second look? There is a script there that is definitely looping. Maybe it doesn’t like php7?"


I put together a test page using FormSnap and now getting this error. Is it possible that this could be causing my trouble with FormLoom 4? The site’s owner sent me a key for v3 and I’m not sure if FormSnap is using v3 or if I should ask them for another key.


Formsnap does not use v3 credentials.

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Thanks for all the help here. This was figured out. We had a “pop-up” stack on the page with another Formloom stack to handle mobile that was causing Formloom too constantly update. Turns out, like most things I deal with, it was operator error. :wink:

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