Adding Tax /California sales tax on goods. (Using RCP)

Im making a site for an artist in Malibu California.

I’m using Rapid Cart Pro. (Its great)

I’m a bit confused about the tax rules.
If the art is bought by someone in California I must add 9% is that right?
If shipping to outside California no tax?

Thanks for any advice!

Any shipping advice pricing for art greatly appreciated too!


How interesting to get such a question. Until someone better qualified than I am comes along to confirm, I’d have said you are right but may I offer these links to help:

RapidCart Pro features a powerful taxes handling and lets you set per-country and per-state taxes.
It also supports three different taxes tiers to handle multiple tax rates in the same country or state.
If you want to add 9% taxes for orders coming from California, just set 9% in the corresponding state and leave 0% taxes for the rest of the world.

Thanks a million Rob.

So just to confirm. I’m shipping from California … So I charge all buyers in California 9%

But everywhere else in USA I charge 0

Yes, that’s correct.

Hello Rob, I am setting up a store in the Netherlands. I want to display my products white options including tax. The product including tax I get. But I have a problem whit the tax and the options. I have tot charge tax on my options but I want to display them in te store including taxes.

Hope you can help