Rapidcart Pro Shipping issues

Rapidcart Pro doesn’t seem to have any way for me to set my shipping charges as i want them.

Original Rapidcart has shipping charges set for each item, which was ideal for me, as I sell physical items of varying sizes and weights (mostly cycle tyres and tubes.). Rapidcart Pro doesn’t allow this (why not?) and I have to set a general rule to cover all my disparate products.

The way I worked before was to set a fixed amount for up to four tyres and increase it with more. So I’m using the fixed mode and items to set this.

But many people buy tubes at the same time as tyres. Despite the tubes being set to “no shipping”, the number of them is counted and increases the shipping cost. I’ve even tried setting them to “digital delivery” and it still does this.

I updated to Rapidcart Pro because it gives a better shop interface generally, but the shipping issues are leading me to think I’ve completely wasted the money on it.

Have you contacted their support?
Also tag @rob who should be able to help you.

I have emailed their support, thoughposts I’ve seen about that here don’t fill me with optimism on that front!

Thank you.

Hey, @cat63
When mixing shipping and no-shipping products, fees are calculated over the entire cart content.
That’s a know issue.
At the moment we have no time plan for the release of a new version that changes this behavior.

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I love RCP but it would be great if this could be addressed. Currently it is not possible to have items with free shipping and other items with charged shipping in the cart - all the items will be charged shipping.

Also, the ability to have free domestic shipping as a category option would be a great improvement. It seems likely to be a relatively common situation to want to offer free domestic shipping for some items while still charging for international shipping on those same items.

Rather disappointing that you guys know it’s a problem but have no plans to fix it.

Why did you do away with having separate shipping rates for each item? That worked fine in previous RapidCart versios…

Glad I read this. Need to sell physical items and digital, as well as free shipping for local items and table rates for international. 3D print related shop. Was looking into RapidCart again after a few years on WooCommerce. Must be a lot of dependencies under the hood to decide to shelve a fix for it. I want to use RapidCart, I can’t.

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