Adding themes to a folder

Is there a video or someone can explain to me, How can you add Themes or Addons within a folder? I am trying to organize the foundry from foundation stacks. Please and thank you in advance.

If I’m understanding you, you want to organize things in the Stacks Library, correct?

If so you have options. My preferred way is to just sort the library by tags…


This will organize things for you in the library view, like so:

You can also just do a search for Foundry in the Library’s search bar, like so:


If you really want a folder of just Foundry stacks you can highlight all of the Foundry stacks and then right-click. It will bring up a menu to let you create a new group. This is a nice organizational tool, but it does not automatically update if a new stack is added to Foundry, etc. This is why I prefer the first two methods I mentioned.

Thank you for the tip.

If you want your stacks to be grouped in the stacks library, take a look at these two hints:

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