Adding total cms to rapid weaver

Hi, I have download total cms, added the stack by clicking on the icon. Rapid W tells me it’s installed. when I look under stacks its not showing…
help please.

they should show up like this if you search the stacks library from inside the stacks plugin

Yup. That’s what I’m hoping for.
I have stacks 5 - should I be using stacks3?
I have downloaded and clicked on the Cms stack, RW tells me it has been loaded.
But nothing shows up in the stacks sidebar!

@isometric Hi, can you check you Stacks folder (click on stacks menu in the menu bar then open folder Stack in new window). Can you see CMS Stacks? BTW What’s your RW version?

Did you already try dragging the TCMS stack onto the RapidWeaver icon in your dock? After RapidWeaver then has launched you have to quit it and re-launch the app again to see the new stacks in your stacks library…

Hi Matthias,
Great, that works. I also had to reinstall stacks 5 the same way.
This has lead to another issue!
I tried to authenticate CMS , I have the code and submitted it via the RW ftp. I’m getting a flash message which say Double file found. Then goes blank.