Stacks Not Showing in RW 8

Newbie to RW. I installed two stacks that I purchased that go with a theme that I purchased. They do not appear in the “Stacks” list when I click on “addons”. When I click on “Reveal in Finder”, they are there in the “Addons” folder, in a folder called “Stacks”. Help please!

Have you quit and restarted RW since installing the stacks? They sometimes don’t appear until you have.

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Yes, a few times.

You might have an old(er) version of RapidWeaver in your Mac. Don’t install your stacks by double-clicking them but by dragging them onto the RW icon in the dock. See video here (it’s for Platform but will work for other stacks too):

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I tried it but it didn’t work.Do I have to have Stacks 3 installed first?

Yes, that’s the core requirement.

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Thank you!

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