Adding user name to Armadillo isn't working RW 6.4 Armadillo 1.7.4

I just set up a a new Blog, for a client, I added myself as a admin, but I added another user (the client) and it didn’t take. Also when I click <—Visit Site, there is an error and that says that’s forbidden… any advice?

I’ve had this happen before but I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was…
However, the advice I would give is to check all your settings in the armadillo blog.
Specifically, check that you have the blog url entered correctly and then logout completely, clear cache and log back in.

Perhaps @nimblehost could provide more info.

Thanks, I saw that the URL didn’t match when I went back to the site, when I typed it incorrectly it went to the site… I don’t know how to get it on there though. I’ll try clearing the cache.

If creating a new user in Armadillo doesn’t “stick” (so that the new user is visible in the Users tab after creation), that would suggest there’s a configuration problem on the server. When you say “didn’t take” I’m assuming the new user was not created successfully, correct?