Armadillo Login Problem

How can I login to Armadillo again. I’d set ‘disable login’ at the dashboard, thought it would only disable the login at the Armadillo site, but now all Login Stacks at other sites are disabled too. I think this must be a BIG bug, because now nobody can login to the dashboard and write or edit blogs. It looks that this blog site is closed forever…

@WDA, any of the information on this page useful? - Check the Armadillo Section. I do not have it as cannot use db yet so can’t offer further support.

As a side note, always allow at least 1 person to login

Hope that helps

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Thanks, but there is no information about this issue… I’d read this before. I think it’s a problem with the Login Stack that shouldn’t be disabled in this case. Now there is no way to login to armadillo. A option that close a blog forever don’t make any sense.

I am pretty sure you can add /rw_common/plugins/stacks/armadillo/index.php/ to your site address to log in.


thanks, but that don’t work…

What version of armadillo are you running?
Has a section on can’t find login. @conger post is for v2.0 and above.

latest version of armadillo

can you find the page:
with FTP or a cpanel filemanger?

should be there if not suggest contact @nimblehost they have great support

@WDA The option in Armadillo to disable the login link only hides the link, but doesn’t change the ability for you to login to the dashboard manually by visiting the correct URL, as others have mentioned above.

In short, this is not a bug - the login links are being hidden because you have specified for them to be hidden in Armadillo Settings.

You can always login to Armadillo on your website via a URL like so:

The portion will of course depend on what you specified in RapidWeaver and published to the web.

If you’re not able to access that URL manually, or get a “Not Found” error that suggests:

  • The URL is mistyped - make sure the rw_common/... portion matches what I’ve written above exactly
  • The Armadillo files are missing, and you’ll need to republish your site in RW by using the “Re-Publish All Files” option

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, that helps, didn’t add login behind index.php…

How can a add a divider between each post or have a light gray color each second post?

You can add a divider to the bottom of each post from within the editor.

yes I know, but it would be great to have this automatic added like in this forum. Maybe it’s possible by add some CSS code into the armadillo CSS setup…

@WDA Take advantage of the Custom CSS settings in Armadillo. You can do a lot with them. Below is the CSS I added to create some key margins and a dotted underline after each post. Tweak to your heart’s content. I actually got this CSS from another user, so it’s nothing I created on my own.

Distance and divider after blog entries */
.blog-entry-body { margin-bottom: 34px; }
.blog-entry { border-bottom-style: dotted; border-bottom-width: 1px; margin-bottom: 24px; }

/* Distance after date */
.blog-entry-date { margin-bottom: 10px; }

/* Distance after post-title */ { margin-bottom: 0; }


@WDA I believe you also asked about using Button to login instead the Link Stack. This is possible. Create the button any way you want (I use Bootstrap buttons) but make sure the link is as Jonathan described above.

Thanks a lot Mathew, that was exact what I’m looking for. Did not find that at the help site…

Nope, not at help site. I admit it would be useful to have some general CSS “ideas” to use with Armadillo somewhere. You can’t cover all possible scenarios, or styling options, but some general starter codes might be very useful for new users. You can always ask Jonathan if he’d be willing to create such a page to the Armadillo site.

The Nimblehost support is great, but it take to much time to wait for an answer, because we have a big time difference. I was missing the parameters to set up the CSS for Armadillo. With your help now the Blog looks great. Thanks again…