Adding web link to a page

Hi all
i am trying to add a link to a page on my site …I have tried …plugin…stacks but they don’t show up
very frustrating… ver.7.5.5 the Application is also not showing up in the applications folder thanks Gary

I assume you have:

  1. highlighted some text or photo on a Stacks page;
  2. clicked the Link button at the bottom of the RW window;
  3. made sure “URL” is visible;
  4. entered the URL of the website you want to link to;
  5. clicked in the “Open in New Window” box, if that’s what is wanted;
  6. clicked the “set Link” button.

Is that correct?

Since a link to a URL will not open while working in RW (Edit or Preview mode), the site must be published for the link to work on your published page.

If you’ve gone through 1-6 above, published the site, and the link is still not on the published site, my only suggestion is to save your site, Quit RW, Restart your computer, Open RW, and edit again. I’ve had to do that in several instances where edits in RW wouldn’t “take” or most recently when I couldn’t drag a file into Resources (the file would just return to the folder it was being dragged from).

That, I’m afraid, is the limit to my suggestions.

David thanks so much I got it to work without using Stacks …still having trouble loading those …I did it in a styled text window …is there a free Stacks plugin or what would you recommend ??? thanks for your time & help all the best …newbie Gary

If you want to use different stacks, you need to purchase and install the Stacks plugin from YourHead Software. Only then you will be able to use specific stacks. This is the preferred way of website-building for most (instead of using RW’s built-in plugin types of pages with very limited functionality).

The Stacks plugin comes with several basic free stacks. Also, most developers offer some free stacks. You will be able to expand your web-building capabilities enormously by buying specific stacks for specific tasks.

Thanks Rob I appreciate it …

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