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In previous versions of RW, there used to be a folder created by RW that stored the removed stacks after delete. They now appear to go directly to “Trash” - or am I doing something wrong. I want to do a major clear-out of old stacks that I’m unlikely to use again, but don’t want to trash them

Create a folder on your computer named “Archived Stacks” (or similar). Drag under or un-used stacks from normal folder to this newly created one. I wouldn’t do any filtering of stacks from within RW. Do it all on the desktop in Mac OS.

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One option is to simply handle things manually as Mathew says above.

  • Create your “Archive Stacks” folder.
  • Open your stacks folder (From Stacks pane in RW click the “Library” Gear at bottom and “Show Stacks Library”. Once you have it’s location make an Alias of the folder and put where convenient for quick access.)
  • Add new and move archive stacks simply by quitting RW and moving Stacks into the Stacks folder or archive folder manually.

Mathews advice is sound. Thumbs up to don’t do from within RW.

@Mathew & @1611mac Thanks folks - I will do exactly as you say. There certainly used to be an in RW solution that removed stacks to an archive folder (perhaps version 5). There are so many really good new stacks that I guess are CSS3 related, so I want to heave the old out, say like the old accordion, for my new one.

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