Relocating addons destroys data!

I relocated addons to a folder, that had all of my RW-site files.
I notized that all the addons were distributed among the other files.
Then I tried to relocate once again to a folder that I had created in that folder and after a long “transfer” I got an error message that RW-folder (I just created) was not available.
I quit RW and looked into that folder and RW had deleted everything! No plugins, no my original file etc!
Any ideas how to start to look for the deleted files? They were not in the trash!

Hopefully you have a TimeMachine backup.
If you do then it’s going to depend on what version of RapidWeaver you are using as to what files you are going to need to restore.

Unfortunately I don’t know of a “master list” of the default addons folder location based on version. (@Aaron or @dan a master list would be helpful).

If you do have a backup then let us know what version of RapidWeaver you are using and someone here can probably help you find the original resources.

My RW version is the latest 8.3. My OsX is 10.14.6.

I had all my addons first in my Documents/Rapidweaver addons -folder from which I have an zip-file, so addons are safe.
But all my RW documents (lots of data) were on an external Raid6 volume (from which I luckily have an 8 months old backup).

I luckily transferred the addons to there (and I saw them between my documents). But then when I relocated addons away amongst my data-files, somehow RW 8.3 removed everything from that folder, without even moving them somewhere else?!?

I have not deleted my trash (where the files are not) since then and I have not made any new files to that volume. So maybe I have to do something inside terminal?

It sounds as if you don’t have a backup.
Depending on how files are deleted on a Mac will depend on weather they get moved to the trash. From the sounds of it when RapidWeaver deleted the addons folder it really deleted it (not moving to the trash folder).

  • If you have TimeMachine running check to see if it’s got a backup prior to the delete.
  • if you have a “clone your drives” package running(Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper, etc) check for backup there.
  • if you have an Internet-hosted backup system, like BackBlaze or crashPlan then check there for a backup.

It sounds as if none of those conditions is true from what you are saying. There’s a number of Third-party apps that can scan the drive to find fragments and files, and sometimes make complete recoveries. Honestly I haven’t used anything like these in years so I can’t recommend one over another.

To my knowledge there’s no command line equivalent to recover deleted files.

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