Stacks folder location

I had a bit of a system meltdown. I never figured out quite why, but I may have inadvertantly moved things around that I should not have.

It resulted in me having to redownload many many stacks. I am still reloading some that I find I need when opening up projects to update.

To do this I had the stacks folder on my desktop … and I didnt dare move it.
But I am finding that I cant load new stacks in the usual way (or by dragging the stack to RW icon in toolbar)
Where should my stacks in use folder be in order to make loading them the usual one click process?

Open Preferences in the Rapidweaver 8 menu

Click “Addons”

Click “Reveal in Finder”

There should be a folder called “Stacks”

Hi.Thanks yes. I see the stacks there.

Then under that addons location. User/etc etc leading to file on my desktop.

But when I reload stacks or buy a new stack. I have to drag in into that folder. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t . So updating sites is a struggle because it can take hours to get a stack working.

P.S Im using latest version of RW 8.6.2 latest version of stacks mac 10.15.4

Not sure what you are seeing there. Perhaps someone else my have an idea. It should be a plain folder inside the add ons folder. Maybe a screen shot might help.

If you can’t install stacks by dragging them to RW icon, something is definitely wrong with RW itself. I would suggest downloading a fresh copy of RW from this address. Then install that fresh copy and proceed with installing stacks again, by dragging them to the new RW icon.

Thanks RobD

Somehow I had 2 stacks folders! No wonder I was having trouble !

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