Addons wont show up in library

I have installed RW7 (previous version 5 is still installed).

But for some reason, some addons appear only in addon manager, plus, some icons are orange and do not correspond to actual addon icons.

The worst part is that there is no 3d party addons in library section, as a result nothing to drag and drop. Cant use them.

They appear in manager, but not in library.

Your help is highly appreciated.

You said you upgraded from RW 5, did you follow the steps outlined in this KB article?

Going from 5 to 7 things got moved around.

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No, I did not. In fact, even new stacks, when I try to install them - they will not appear. Is that some how connected issues? Im trying to say, that I do not need to upgrade my old projects - that is not the issue.

New stacks installed would not be affected by that, I don’t believe anyway. How are you installing your new stack(download and click, dragging onto the RW in the dock)?
Do you still have RW 5 installed?

Thanks for replying.

OK, here is proof-screenshot. Plugin appears in Addon manager “Fluid image” but project file says “This stack is not curently installed”. Even if I download this stack once again, and yes, drag and drop to RW7 icon in the dock - nothing happens. Even more, when it attempts to install it, it asks smth like “do you really want to reinstall allready installed addon?”

Add on library moved to a new location in RW 7. Did you get any messages when you installed the new version about migrating?

As far as I know this message appears only if migrating from RW6. So, I had no messages offering to migrate. By the way, All my plugins are here: ~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver-setapp/Data/Library/Application Support

I’m not at a Mac now and don’t remember the add on folder location, is it only stacks your having issues with?

It says Fluid Image Box, that is a separate stack. Look up your order from here:
and get a new download and reinstall it.

Tried that srveral times. doesnt help. (((((

Bucked-up. Wiped out every single rw file from system. Installed freshly dwnloaded. Works fine.