Adjust title and slogan area

I am using tre3rty 2 theme with Rapidweaver 6.

Is there a way to adjust the title and slogan area? I want to make mine look like the theme demo. By the way I have requested membership at the google forum for this theme but haven’t gotten a response. So, I thought that this question applies to all of rapidweaver so perhaps you can help?

I want to put Joe Workman’s search stack at the top of the landing page. Directly across from the slogan. I guess I could use his Houdini stack but that product page says it may not work.

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I’m sure we could help, but reading your message (plus the one about the footer) leaves me confused about exactly what is it you are trying to do with the title, slogan and footer. “Some text aligned left” and “adjust the title” is not specific enough. You mean adjust it up? down? Adjust it to have text-shadow? Adjust the font-size? Adjust the letter spacing? Adjust what?? Apart from the logo (and the nav being below) your title area looks very much like the demo, so help us out and be specific.

Detail as clearly as possible exactly what you want to do - if necessary put placeholder text so we can see exactly what and where you mean on your published page - then I’m sure you’ll get the help you need.

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I want to put a search box across from the slogan on the top right of the page.

I have downloaded Joe Workman’s search tool stack but don’t know how I can put it either in the top right of the page opposite of the slogan or in the footer at the bottom right.

Also, the demo of this theme has a navigation menu across from the slogan area and I can’t figure out how mimic this part of the theme.

thanks again for your support.

Okay, so I don’t own the theme so can’t say for sure, but here is what I can see from your site:

Looks like ‘your’ navigation is occupying the Toolbar2 position whereas I see space set aside up top for Toolbar1. Are there options in the theme to use (turn on) Toolbar1? If so try that and you may find your navigation pops up to the top. The theme options may not call it Toolbar1, they may call it navigation option 1 or something but it should achieve the same thing.

Regarding getting a search box up there, well the container you are probably going to be interested in is div.titles but its not very wide. You can make it a bit wider with CSS like:-

div.titles {
    width: 600px;

Then you can try to use Houdini to inject your search stack up there. For really tricky positioning problems Joe’s ‘Target’ stack is an exceptional piece of artillery to have too. By the time you have your logo, site-title, slogan, search box and navigation up there it’s going to be quite busy up there though.

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Thank you for the response I will try that.

I think you’re right since there is already a navigation above extra content one, then perhaps only the search box can go up top in the right-hand corner opposite the slogan, otherwise it will look too busy up there.

There are options in the theme for the navigation, so I will continue to try them. I thought I had tried them all.

You’re saying first I need to make the area wider with the CSS code and then use the target stack? Where would I put that code? In the inspector for that page under the heading and CSS options?

That’s interesting you mention that, I also came across Joe workman’s target application today just after I had seen the Houdini application. So I was thinking it could be one or the other of those that could help.



You’re saying first I need to make the area wider with the CSS code and then use the target stack? Where would I put that code? In the inspector for that page under the heading and CSS options?

I’m not exactly saying that you need to, I’m more saying that if you do need to there are ways and means of doing it. Yes, the code would go in either the page or site wide CSS containers.