Admin Stacks for business - Invoice/letter etc

I am setting my daughter up with a website and a set of online admin tools for her freelancing.

She’s based in the UK and needs a “template” form to create invoices and print them to pdf each month - only a few invoices - I’ve got the Yuzool Invoice theme which is great for the template/format but there is no autocalc for the VAT on a subtotal. I asked them if they could modify but seems not.

Any ideas of another and similar stack that I could use

At the same time she could use a “letter” template that uses the same logos etc that she could use to write simple letters and print to pdf in the same way.

For her creating these documents on the fly and having them look nice is important - and then she files them manually as bits of paper

Of course the ability to link all this to a mysql database would also be useful

Any developers created something like this?? Or suggest how to adapt stacks to provide this functionality

Appreciate your thoughts

Maybe the calc stack from Weavium.

It looks like a great solution for creating the actual invoice detail, but its not clear how you add fields like Client Name, Address and PO reference etc.

I’ll post a ticket at Weavium and see how the stack system works

Thanks for the suggestion - I was not aware of these stacks

John A

Something to consider. If your daughter is on Office 365 Business Premium or above, you get access to something called Microsoft Invoicing that’s part of their new business center suite.

Any particular reason it needs to be web-based? Something like Profit Train is inexpensive and handles invoicing, expenses, comes with reports and so forth.

She writes 2 , or maybe 3 invoices per month, and until now she completes them by hand and send them off by email. The invoices then get entered into her “books” manually by a CPA who takes it from there,

There is no reason for her to get involved in accounting software - she just needs to generate the invoice after the job is done and it seems to me that being someone “On the run” she can do this anywhere from her mac, print to pdf and move on…

But thanks for the suggestion. I will look at it and appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas.


I use InvoicePlane, which is all online and self-hosted. It integrates with Stripe, maybe Paypal, for payments. You can also send emails and PDFs directly to clients. It’s free too.

Profit Train isn’t accounting software. If it was, I’d run a mile. It just handles invoices and expenses. As a sole trader who issues 2-6 invoices a month, it’s perfect and generates all the paper work I need to give to my accountant at the end of the year.


OK, got it. I’m going to take a look at the option you have suggested


I have used PayPal to create invoices. Nice thing is that PayPal then accepts the payment and deposits it in my account. The invoices are customizable, and recipients have the option of paying using PayPal or whatever you set up. I do think they charge a small percentage for these transactions, but it’s not bad - all the credit processors charge something.

PayPal Invoices

Yes however the invoices go to “big companies” who don’t use PayPal. But thanks for the suggestion

I’ve been using GrandTotal for years and never regretted the investment. I use it mainly for my private music students
You can have the main database on Dropbox or iCloud, so you can access it from more than one Mac. You can set reminders for late payments and partial payments. Perfect for my needs.
I still have version 3 which is fine, but I may upgrade to the current version 5 soon.

This is something I’m interested in.

Let me know if any of these float your fancy. Might be able whip up a stack for it.

If there is a particular style everyone likes then we can look at adding features to it.

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Another InvoicePlane user here.

However another app I have been experimenting with recently is Manta:

Currently this is free, but a ‘premium’ version is coming soon. This is about the easiest way possible to create and send attractive invoices. Well worth downloading and having a play with if you have very modest invoicing requirements.


This looks interesting. It’s an open source web based system.

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It doesn’t hook into Stripe or PayPal, but I’ve made this app free recently and you’re welcome to use it :slight_smile:


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