FormsPlus + Calc stack + Email stacks = Dream Team

Chilli Dog Software’s FormsPlus is one of my favourite ways of creating forms for RW, especially as you can use it with Stack4Stacks’ Calc stack, but it doesn’t create particularly exciting (or, more importantly, clearly-formatted) emails. I wasn’t quite certain if the output from Joe Workman’s Email stacks would work with it. As I had both, I gave it a try and I’m pleased to say that it works extremely well. You just create the message in Email, inserting the form variables and other text, logos, etc. and then paste the result into FormsPlus. Yippee!


Oh, that is GREAT intel!! Thanks so much for passing that on.

Were you able to get the [elements] in ok?


Thanks for posting this. Email stacks and FormPlus are a fantastic combination!

Couldn’t be easier, as you’ve probably discovered by now. Just type them in where you need them.

This is a great idea and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. FormsPlus sends both the HTML and plain text versions of emails to follow best delivery practices. I’m really glad that this ‘just worked’!


I think it is a tribute to Stacks itself, to RW and the creators of Forms Plus and Email that they can work effortlessly together. Calc stack, too.

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Extra Yippee! @joeworkman mentions somewhere that it might be possible to use Font Pro with his Email stack, although he warns that most email clients don’t support custom fonts. I have now tried this using a Google font (the same one I use on the site itself) and it works with the aforementioned FormsPlus setup. Whether it works with clients other than Apple Mail I can’t say (although I’ll probably look into that). However, as the members of society whose booking form I created are mostly creative professionals in book publishing, I think that Apple Mail support is sufficient.

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If you would like to go a step farther, put your entire email inside of a Wallpaper stack. Pick a subtle gradient and it looks stunning. Again not supported in everything but works in most modern clients.

I added support to my Pi stack for FormsPlus as well. Its my take on a form calculation stack.

I’m afraid I don’t have your Wallpaper stack, @joeworkman, and I can’t afford any new stacks at the moment. Here is part of the resultant email:

So if you do all this…you’re still only able to send these emails with a service like Sendy or MailChimp, right???

@drsdayton No, not at all. I am talking about using this to send automatic reply emails from your website using Forms Plus.

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