AdSense ads not shown in all browsers


I’m trying to add AdSense ads in the web site I’m building. I’m using the RW8 theme “Montain Cafè”, with some additional code to hide the hero from most pages, and as a consequence reposition the sidebar. The additional css code is:

.hero { display: none; }
.sidebar { margin-top: 9rem; }

The AdSense script is in the Head pane, and in the sidebar of all the site pages where I want the ads to appear.

By examining the page source, it seems that the generated code is correct. Google says that my web site is ready, and reports no errors. Views are also recorded and updated.

However, I can see the ads only in some web browser. Ads are shown in Safari and Dolphin on the iPad (latest OS version). They are not shown in Safari and Chrome for Mac (High Sierra), nor in IE and Chrome for Windows (latest OS version) or in Mercury on the iPad (but that’s an outdated browser).

Apart for Safari Mac, where I customized some preferences (but I also tried after resetting them), all the other browsers have default settings.

Ads appear, when they appear, mostly under the body of the page, instead of the side.

This is one of the pages where I can see adds in some web browser. Can you understand what’s my problem?

Thank you!


You have an error message:
TagError: adsbygoogle.push() error: Only one 'enable_page_level_ads' allowed per page.


Ok, understood. I had both the Automatic Ads and the Ad Units in the Body section. On the contrary, Automatic Ads are to be placed inside the Head tag of each page, and Ad Units inside the Body tag.

This means that in RW you have to only add it once in the Project’s Code page. Ad Units are instead to be manually inserted in each page, inside the Body tag.

Now, I have the manually inserted Ad Units working perfectly fine. But the automatically generate Automatic Ads still don’t show in Safari Mac (not yet tried with the other browsers).

This page, for example, has only the Automatic Ads code inside the Head tag. it should work. But while the Ad Units in the other pages are working, the Automatic Ad in this page is not working.

The code inspector in Safari is not showing errors of any type.


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