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I’m a newbie. need advise on what would be a good theme etc to make a simple website to display my paintings. Don’t want to sell, just be able to show my work in a professional looking website. would like to use existing themes, etc and not have to buy anything. I have latest stacks

Like @jspencer2 said.
Also, Webdeersign’s Project 7 is worth to take a look at.

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I’ve looked at the suggestions. They all seem to require other stacks like foundry or foundation plus several other things. I was told to buy Stacks, which I did, but I can’t afford to spend quite a bit more. There’s a bunch of themes that came with my Rapidweaver. I was hoping that one of them would be good for my use.

You could make a site with the std. stacks and one of the included themes (Artful ?) but using a stack such as Montage II from DooBox will make your first attempt so much easier.
There are many good album/slider stacks to explore before you purchase but I like Montage II a lot :wink:

Thanks Chuck. Your suggestions make sense to me. I purchased the Montage 2 … extremely reasonable! It’s now in my list of stacks. Do I drop it on the page first or do I need to drop Stacks first and then Montage 2 into Stacks? Also, there is a Warehouse stack. Do you know how to use it? I can’t find any instructions anywhere. Not wanting you to take me to raise … it’s just this is all new to me. If I can just get something going then I can play with the various options. I feel that you’ve got me close!

Stacks plugin is a page type, you can use stacks(lower case) only on a Stacks page.

So you would add a Stacks page and drop stacks onto it.

Nick Cates and Weaver’s Kingdom themes works as such with Realmac’s RW + Stacks from Yourhead.
I have themes from both of them. They pack great value for the purppose.

Other option for montage stack is Weavers Kingdom’s stack called Slider Eleven. You get same kind layout than with Doobox’s Montage but it has more options what comes to naming features. Same stack element comes with some of their themes as well.

Edit. Photography theme cost about $30, same as three separate stacks.

You can also check out Stacks4stacks from @willwood. He has a number of great free(donation if you like) and reasonably priced stacks. Will also has Themeflood, the same for themes.

All of Wills stuff has trial versions so you can try before you buy.


You are going to find this fun and slightly addictive Martin.
Practice with the basic tools you already have and see what is possible.
I suggested Montage because I find it great, and it will speed up your build, but of course you may
eventually find one that suits your vision better, or use the basic tools to achieve your build.
Lots of helpful people here with lots of great ideas, have fun.


Although I am more likely to just place my images/etc in the Rapidweaver ‘Resources’ and access them from there.

To Chuck and all others who have tried to help me, accept my sincerest thanks. I now believe that I’m over the hump! Still have a long way to go, but actually have a project on the screen to play with!

Thanks so much,


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