Website assistance

I am a new user of RapidWeaver and could use some help with getting all the different plug ins to do what I would like, get my photos to load (cannot even get them to “drop in” as it states) to the site I am building. I also cannot get the video’s to play font to do what I want…again I am new to Rapid Weaver.

My site is and could use any advice, help etc.

I purchased Stacks, Accordion, Blocks, Collage, Flow, Blog, Archetypon for Parallaxis (for they made it seem so effortless and easy), Extra Content, Player and a couple of themes for I again thought this would be easier.

Look forward to some input.

Chris Meigs Owen


Hey Chris, welcome to the forums…

Most of your Themes (purchased) generally speaking have a demo project file that you can download or comes with the purchase DMG/ZIP file, if not, it is usually on the developers website for you to download and play with to see how things work. I say most times because not all developers do this…

Again, with most of the Theme Developers, they have a demo website of the project and typically include a page somewhere in that demo site with instructions of how to do things in the Theme.

Same goes for Plugins and stacks.

My first recommendation would be to visit the developers website and find the instructions and see how things work if possible for Themes, Plugins and stacks that you wish to use.

If you search YouTube or Vimeo for RapidWeaver, you will find a host of video’s related to use of RapidWeaver, plugins, stacks and even some Themes… this would be the second avenue for research into using the materials you’ve purchased.

Once you’ve done your investigating on each product and still having problems, you can contact the developer directly or post specific questions here (preferably with images so we can see what your issue is).

Hope that helps

Hey Brad,

Thank you for the response, however I have done all of that and actually the wordpress and MAMP you tube videos were more helpful than videos for rapid weaver. But found out later I would have a host more problems if I went that route than if I stayed with Rapid Weaver…so here I am looking for a bit more hands on help.


Chris Meigs Owen

Hey Chris @VintageTailwheels

More than happy to help where able, can you be more specific and detailed with your issues thus far with screenshots (of RapidWeaver) and name of Theme/stacks/plugin you are using per screenshot. That way we can better assist you in troubleshooting.

I’m just heading to bed so someone else may take over or I may be up later but will help when able.