Advice Needed! Blog on iPhone askew. Using Nick Cate's Clearing

(Connie Drapeau Kennedy) #1

Hi. Thanks for reading!

I have an ancient site for and recently made several changes. I also temporarily removed some pages (“Photos” and “In Print”) and banner images while getting ready for a redesign.

When I switched to Nick Cate’s Clearing theme, the blog appeared okay in RW 7’s preview. Yet, tonight I realized that the text is only on the left third of an iPhone 4 screen. I already had selected to have the sidebar hidden. What else could it be?**

The page in question:

I’d love to fix what’s wrong before moving forward to make the site a bit jazzier. I also lost some alt tags and metadata in the last year or two. Weird. I’ll worry about that later. First, I’d really like to make the current info display well across all devices.

Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thank you!

(Rob Beattie) #2


I don’t own the theme but checking Nick’s site, I think the issue may be that you’re hiding the sidebar and it’s not meant to be hidden on the blog page. Try putting it back in and see what happens. On mobile, the contents of the sidebar on the blog page goes underneath each post.

Have a go and report back?