Advice on booking people into a meeting during COVID-19

Hi All,

I need the ability for people to be able to book into a venue. There is no need for people to pay to book.

This is for a church. People need to be able to book seats for a church service. This information needs to end up in a spreadsheet for seat assignment within households/bubbles. I need to be able to set the max number of people booking in for a single meeting, but change it with government guidelines.

The booking must be able to:

  1. Allow an individual to book in as many people as are in their household/bubble
  • For each person booked in their need to be contact details for track and trace
  1. There needs to be required fields ensuring people agree to guidelines

Can anyone think of a RW solution for this?

I use FormLoom4 to collect the data you want and write the contents of the submitted form straight to a google sheet.
However, I’m not aware of a stack that would limit the number of bookings based on seat numbers in realtime. Except perhaps a shopping cart with stock levels for the number of seats.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at Formloom4. I do have a copy. As it’s not booking in a large number of people an email response would probably be sufficient. In terms of limiting the number of people, I have not found a sufficiently simple solution. I will most likely place a disclaimer that booking does not assure a seat and that it’s on a first-come-first-served basis. It might be easier to have the booking page shut when places are all taken.

If anyone else has any ideas as well they would be much appreciated!

Phpjabbers offers a variety of booking scripts, maybe one would fit your needs. These are not stacks but php scripts, worth a look.

Arg, damn. I am late.
I am currently developing a small service that allows a very simple seat booking:

  • creating a group (could be anything, a room, a floor,…)
  • setting availablity of slots (number of seats, time to reserve ahead…)
  • adding members to the group (customer, client, …)
  • taking bookings and taking care on the number of seats available (e.g. prevent booking)

I primarily wrote it for companies who have to make sure that all social distancing rules are kept and only a limited number of desks are available due to this restrictions.

(It’s a side project, so not my priority. If there’s demand, I might try to get his done earlier)


(Just a simple calendar with a the number of free seats / slots for a given time and the ability to “reseve” a seat. If no slots are available, nothing to book)


Thank you @swilliam, will take a look.

Thank you @dripple, looks interesting. Let me know when it can be tested.

I’ve now managed to create a form using Formloom4 which pretty much does what we want. It’s simple enough that people don’t have to create a user or login, but can enter details and book. We will probably just disable the page when booking is full.

Heiko, very very interested in a solution like this. In Corona times we have to limit places for people to visit certain events - to have a fixed number of slots/places which disappear when fully booked would be great.

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It is not a stack, but MachForm allows to have a fixed number of available slots / places.

I s totally compatible with RW. The code can be pasted into an HTML stack.

Look in this forum for more information.

Have you used this self-hosted or the cloud version?

The self-hosted. Very happy with it. Not fancy interface, but work great.

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I’ve never used MacForms(never had the need), but I’ve herd nothing but good things about it.

@dave has used it quite a bit and speaks highly of the product and the support from its vendor.

I think they’ll even install the self hosted version for you.

Indeed - I LOVE MachForms. I only use the self hosted version, and have somewhere around 70 installations of it running over various websites. One of my clients needed an integration with Google docs (calendar), and PayPal - it works great (visitors check the availability of a venue- if it’s open, they then reserve it and pay a booking fee). I do not know if it can check against a known number, though (in my client’s case the venue is either booked or not booked). You can send a message to the owner of MachForms (Yuniar) - he’s great about responding. But, he’s also in the Far East, so keep that in mind (his day is 12 hours different from the states). If it can check availability, then I HIGHLY recommend it for what you’re doing. I have nothing but praise for it and the guys who run the company. And, as @teefers mentioned, they’re happy to set your MySQL database up for you (for free), if you need them to.

Thanks guys, will check machforms out.

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