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I have a client who gives workshops and want a way to organise and get the workshops paid without to much administration.

She gives these workshops 4 times a week for 3 hour and wants to be able to set the maximum of parcipitants to a certain number.
When they make the reservation they are redirrected to a stripe or paypal page and afterworths they get an email comfimation of there booking…

Is there a stack able to do this or do I have to look to a webbased solution?

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Janis thanks for your rapid reply, I already visited the Yuzool booking stack site - But it does not mention if you can set a specific date and let eg 9 persons make the same booking but not 10… and
Al the examples our eg hairdresser 1 person one time slot and hotel one room one date one booking…
I tried to look for an answer on the forum but did not find it - Hence this new post…

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Why not just use EventBrite - which does exactly what you want, and embed their stuff on your page?

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Thanks, I’ll have a look and suggest it to my client - Do you know if they accept bancontact in Belgium that a payment method everybody has… Via Stripe you can do this… And then there is the cost of the system instead of paying 40 € for the system you have to pay every time a %…

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These guys have a wide selection of booking scripts:

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Thanks - I will have a look - if the system works with my hoster… the cost is good only 40€… one time… for the code…

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